Yeast For Baking Bread 125g/Bag

125g/bag Best Quality Yeast For Baking Bread, belongs to low sugar instant dry yeast, which is manufacturing in FADA Yeast- a professional instant yeast manufacturer. Our company focuses on the best quality yeast for baking bread since 2016. Now it has developed into a large international enterprise integrating R&D, production and customized service.

Our rapid rise yeast adopting international advanced yeast production process and sterilization production environment, which ensure instant yeast‘s quality&safety, has been widely used in baking, such as bread, buns and fermented pastry products.

We use the superior yeast fungus and nutritional sugar beet molasses from north China as the raw material in bread machine yeast production. Our yeast for baking with fermenting fast, pure natural and high nutrition, makes the bread soft, big and good taste.