Wine Making Yeast /Alcohol Yeast

    FADA Yeast, one of the brewer’s yeast powder manufacturing plant, focus on alcohol yeast manufacturing since 2006. Our main product is low sugar instant dry yeast, high sugar bread making yeast, alcohol yeast and animal feed yeast.

    FADA Wine Yeast (Alcohol Yeast), a kind of bio-product, it is popular for its high thermal tolerance (the main fermentation temperature ranges from 32 to 42°C),acid tolerance (PH2.5) ,alcohol tolerance (13%),sugar tolerance (60% glucose),high alcohol yielding rate,low residual sugar and non-acid yielding.

    It is designed for the fermentation of red wine, white wine, champagne, and so on. Our brewer’s yeast powder helps to simplify the formula, decrease the investment, control the cost and to improve the performance.

    This series alcohol yeast is divided into Normal-Thermal(the best temperature to be 32-35°C)and Thermal-Tolerant(the best temperature to be 38-40°C) Brewing and Alcohol Yeast according to its thermal tolerance.

    Our wine making yeast has been exported to UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, Dubai, Egypt, Morocco, and more than 30 counties.  and enjoy a high reputation for innovation and functionality.