Instant Dry Yeast for Bread 5KG/Bag

The flavor of bread comes from the aroma of coke, the incense of raw materials, and the unique fragrance of yeast fermentation, when the bread baking. After a period of storage, the burnt aroma of bread baking gradually evaporates and dissipates. Only the unique fragrance of yeast fermentation can stick to the stingy interior of the bread for a long time. and preserving the flavor of the bread. So The quality of yeast determines whether the bread tastes good or not。

FADA yeast for bread experience 16 process of manufacturing and processing,  which retains the fermentation ability of fresh yeast, and is not easy to deteriorate, with a long shelf life and easy to transport.

As top instant dry yeast manufacturer, FADA has been worked in fast rising yeast wholesale since 2006. Our main product is low sugar instant dry yeast, high sugar instant yeast, alcohol yeast, etc.  This series dry yeast is mainly used for bread making.

If you are interested in this dry yeast for bread, or want to bulk fast rising yeast wholesale, please contact us now. Our sales will provide you the quote asap.