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Start Your OEM Order For Rapid Rise Yeast!

Liaoning Joysun Group Co. , Ltd.  is a company engaged in rapid rise yeast manufacturing, management, and technical services. Mainly worked on the production and sales of instant yeast and yeast deep processed, biological products, food additives, feed additives, soy products, dairy products, condiments, and food products.

Our rapid rise yeast for bread fermentation is dehydrated from the fresh yeast. Advanced treatment technology makes the yeast powder natural milky white, uniform size, fine texture, distinct grain, and not easy to stick. Mainly used rapid rise yeast in bread machine.

Mainly products include low sugar baker’s yeast, high sugar bread yeast, beer yeast, and animal feed yeast.

  • Name: OEM Package Instant Dry Yeast
  • Supplier: FADA Yeast
  • Packing Capacity:  From10g to 25kg(OEM Order Accepted)
  • MOQ: 18 Ton
  • Application: Suitable for all kinds of fermentation baking products;Suitable for all kinds of flour, improving the strength of dough and making the bread surface bright and golden.
  • Vacuum packaging improves the stability of fermentation and eliminates the risk of external contamination
  • Fast fermenting, make bread soft and good taste.
  • Free samples can be offered

FADA instant yeast recipes production line which is at the international first-class level,has absorbed the latest technological achievements in the world’s fermentation industry.  It adopts the international advanced quality system and has passed many third-party international certifications.

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