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Start Your Visit to China Biggest Animal Yeast Plant

As one of the biggest China feed yeast manufacturing companies, Liaoning Joysun Group Co. , Ltd. . located in Shenyang province. The yeast manufacturing plant covers an area of 50,000 square meters with the annual output capacity 15,000 tons ensuring a continuous supply.

Fada Yeast manufacturing company focus on yeast production since 2006. Our main products include bakery yeast, yeast extract, alcohol yeast, animal feed yeast, etc. The products are widely used in baking, fermentation pasta, brewing, flavor improvement, animal nutrition, and other fields.

Pet feed yeast powder is made by using high biological technology and modern process. The product is rich in functional mannose oligosaccharides, ligon-glucan and ideal protein source, vitamin B, nucleotide, polypeptide and so on. This product is natural, safe and healthy, good fluidity and stability. No carrier, high temperature resistant.

  • Name: Animal Feed Yeast
  • Manufacturer: FADA Yeast
  • Packing Capacity:  From10g to 25kg(OEM Order Accepted)
  • MOQ: 18 Ton
  • Application: It is designed for animal feed.
  • Save feed and decrease the feeding cost
  • Vacuum packaging improves the stability of fermentation and eliminates the risk of external contamination
  • Free samples can be offered

With the high-quality,suitable price and good reputation,  FADA animal feed yeast is exported to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Egypt, New Zealand, Israel, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, and etc.

If you want to know more about our animal feed yeast or want to visit our feed yeast factory, please contact us, our sales will contact you soon.

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Animal Feed Yeast