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Start to Buy Bulk Active Dry Yeast Wholesale

Established in 2006, FADA Yeast, is one of the largest professional instant dry yeast production company in China. Specializing in the development&manufacturing instant dry yeast, active dry yeast, alcohol yeast, animal feeding yeast, etc. Our bulk active dry yeast wholesale features stable activity, a rapid fermentation, time-saving, easy to use and other advantages, so widely used in baking&Cooking

Details About FADA Active Dry Yeast

  • Name: Active Dry Yeast
  • Brand: FADA
  • Place of Origin: Shenyang, China
  • Composition: Yeast, food additives (sorbitan monostearate)
  • MOQ: 18 Ton
  • Application: Baking, Cooking
  • Vacuum packaging improves the stability of fermentation and eliminates the risk of external contamination
  • Fast fermenting, make bread soft and good taste.
  • Private label OEM&ODM Service Offered
  • Free samples can be offered

If you are interested in Bulk Active Dry Yeast Wholesale, please be free to contact us.